Cacao is not Chocolate, so Dance!

the sound of cacao – a happening

Besides the main ingredient of chocolate (raw) Cacao is a ritual medicine plant from South America. For the happening I invite the force of the plant by drinking the vegan and raw cacao potion with the participants in a circle (a circle is one of the oldest symbols for equal and respectful communication and togetherness). The plant contains substances like tryptamine, theobromine and anandamide, which mainly cause a higher production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is known as the „regulator“ of emotions and affects (check this out for further information (german):
or (english): and by that causes the feeling of „being in balance“. This is the exact impact of the raw cacao potion: it helps you rebalancing yourself – which  almost automatically means to be more in balance with your surroundings. The caffeine-related theobromine is an activating substance (further information (german):
or (english): and by that gives you the perfect boost for movement and dancing. 

The dancing ritual afterwards is inspired by the 5-rhythms-concept of Gabrielle Roth ( and thereby an invitation to get in contact with conscious or subconscious facets of your self. It is a space for movement and contact, playing and feeling, crying and laughing. It is an invitation to connect with both the cacao and the music (and the people of course) to experience what makes you feel alive.

The happening takes two till three hours and normally is guided in german. 

The music is chosen by the artist and combines acoustic elements like percussion and voice with electronic beats and baselines. 

Everybody is invited to join the music-making with drums, voice and everything that occurs.
It is highly recommended to appear sober. The space of the happening should be free of alcohol and cigarettes/joints.
If possible, dancing barefoot is recommended.
Getting „in touch“ or in contact with other people can only happen after an obvious invitation by the desired person.

For further information and/or booking please contact the artist: 

„Cacao comes to the people to rebalance them with nature.“

legend of the Olmec culture

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